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Some reasons why you will love the smartRush product suite for Microsoft Office

Automatically update reports

  • With one click update numbers, texts, charts and tables from Excel in PowerPoint.

Reduce errors

  • Click on a number in PowerPoint and instantly find the source in Excel.
  • Reduce the risk of missing spreadsheet formula errors.

Process security

  • Track all changes in underlying data sources.
  • Ensure that everybody works on the same file basis.
  • Document your review and audit of high value spreadsheets and financial models.

Happy users

  • Less grunt work and more time for actual analysis.
  • Supports online collaboration with MS Teams.
  • Easy project handovers.

How does it work?

see how smartRush solves eight common problems. Click on a problem to show our solution.

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Why use our Excel to PowerPoint link?

Numbers are calculated in Excel but shown in PowerPoint, requiring repeated, error prone, manual transfers between applications

smartRush solution
With one click automatically update numbers, texts, charts and tables from Excel in PowerPoint

Update dialog

Restrictions of other solutions

  • Links can easily be broken, e.g., while editing text or copying/moving items
  • Updates fail silently without any reporting to the user
  • No online collaboration
  • Typical workflows are not supported, e.g., duplicating Excel worksheets
  • Dicey workarounds – functionality is at risk with every MS Office update
  • Limited scope, i.e. works only with charts or texts
  • PowerPoint or Excel performance is significantly decreased, and user experience suffers
  • Proven consulting workflows must be changed significantly to use the linking functionality

None of these restrictions apply to smartRush

  • Truly unbreakable link between Excel and PowerPoint
  • Full documentation of updates
  • Full online collaboration with SharePoint Online (e.g., MS Teams)
  • Super easy handling, i.e., no need to change your workflows
  • Link numbers, charts and ranges
  • No lagging, no crashing

Presentations created with our software can be shared to users that do not own our software and remain fully editable.

In case you should ever decide to stop using smartRush, all your presentations will remain fully functional and changeable as if you had created them with standard PowerPoint.

Why use our Excel review tools?

Errors in high value spreadsheets are hard to identify and performed review actions are not standardized

smartRush solution
Smart Excel review tools, featuring clearly defined review categories and export of results for documentation

Standardized review categories

Restrictions of other solutions

  • Large workbooks cause issues, e.g., crashes or runs into Excel memory limitations
  • No or insufficient documentation
  • No online collaboration
  • No standardized review categories – two reviews are never the same
  • Analysis changes workbook, e.g., formatting
  • Feature overload

None of these restrictions apply to smartRush

  • Optimized for large, complex workbooks
  • Full documentation and export of results
  • Clearly defined review categories ensure company-wide review standards
  • Workbook is untouched
  • Focus on useful, superior features

Why use our data protection tools?

Working in public places poses a serious risk of data and information leaks

Privacy mode off

smartRush solution
Temporarily hide sensitive information while maintaining full editability

Privacy mode on

Privacy mode conceals your corporate slide design and temporarily anonymizes all confidential information such as logos, charts, tables and texts all while maintaining full editability and user friendliness

Unbeknown to the user, workbooks can contain customer or other sensitive data that cannot be removed, thus posing a serious data protection risk

smartRush solution
Powerful Excel workbook cleaner that can safely remove ghost data

Restored confidential data from deleted external workbook

Whenever working with external data sources, you can never be sure that breaking the external link removes all confidential data. Use smartRush to identify and clean all confidential data and media.

Why use our PowerPoint productivity tools?

Professional reports often contain errors that are difficult and cumbersome to identify manually

smartRush solution
Automatically check and clean common mistakes, ensuring a company-wide review standard

In total, smartRush features 18 cleaning actions to correct common errors.

Tedious report fine-tuning and designing

smartRush solution
New productivity tools as well as tried and tested ones

Align shapes in a grid layout

Works with all common Windows and Office versions*

Microsoft Windows

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

Microsoft Office

  • Office 365
  • Office 2021
  • Office 2019
  • Office 2016

*the smartRush product suite is not compatible with Mac OS.

Microsoft, Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

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