Align Shapes in Matrix

Use this dialog to easily arrange shapes in rows and columns.

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Best practice

By default, slideRush aligns the shapes in equally sized rows/columns. Clicking the sizing toggle allows you to use auto-fit, i.e., the smallest possible size.

The Align shapes in matrix feature can be found in the smartRush ribbon in Powerpoint within the Shape tools group:

Align in matrix

Once the button is clicked the following dialog will open:

Slide Borders

Usage instructions

  1. Select any number of shapes.
  2. Click the Align shapes in matrix button to open the dialog shown above
  3. The following options are available:
    • Set rows: Enter the number of rows for the matrix
    • Set columns: Enter the number of columns for the matrix
    • Unit: The unit that is used to determine the spacing between shapes
    • Row spacing: Enter the spacing between two vertical shapes, based on the unit entered
    • Column spacing: Enter the spacing between two horizontal shapes, based on the unit entered
    • Equal rows/columns: If checked the rows/columns are shaped to equal sizes
  4. Note: You can either select the number of rows or the number of columns. If the number of rows is entered the number of columns will be automatically be calulated and vice versa.
Align Shapes in Matrix Example