Find Hardcoded Numbers

Use this tool to identify any hardcoded numbers in the report.

Best practice

Before updating or sending a report use the Find Hardcoded Numbers tool of smartRush to make sure no outdated or wrong numbers are contained in the document.

Predefined date/time formats

smartRush provides an easy way to identify any hardcoded numbers in your report. When using smartRush you are able to update your reports within seconds as long as smartRush items have been used for numbers.

Hardcoded numbers in reports are a source of errors when the underlying data changes or the report is rolled forward to the next month.

To search for any not linked numbers open the Active item tab of the smartRush taskbar and select Find hardcoded numbers from the dropdown menu next to the Set HL button. You can choose whether you want to search for hardcoded numbers on the currently active slide or in the whole presentation.

Find hardcoded numbers

After one of the options has been selected smartRush will scan for any hardcoded numbers in the report. When the process has been finished smartRush will show a summary.

Summary of hardcoded values

If any of the items in the result list is double clicked smartRush will select the respective number in the report. The Highlight button on the bottom can be used to highlight the hardcoded number in the report. Hardcoded numbers will be highlighted using an orange shadow glow.

Highlighted hardcoded number

Based on this results it is easy to correct all hardcoded numbers in the report.