Fix duplicate slideRush items

Use this dialog to check the Excel workbook for duplicate slideRush items and clean them.

Best practice

Please note that the best solution is to always use the sheetRush Excel add-in. It will automatically inform you when duplicates are about to be created so that you can make an informed decision.
Fix duplicate items dialog

Duplicating sheets in Excel can result in duplicate slideRush items. To solve this problem slideRush makes use of the sheetRush Excel add-in to capture any worksheet duplications so that no duplicate slideRush items will be created. Nevertheless, problems may arise if a user has not installed or deactivated the sheetRush add-in when duplicating worksheets.

To protect the user from such mistakes, slideRush offers manifold options and safeguards. If you suspect that your Excel workbook may contain duplicates or slideRush informed you that it found duplicates use this dialog to check and clean the workbook.

Usage instructions

  1. Click on analyze.
  2. If the workbook contains duplicates you are given two repair options:
    • Option 1: for every duplicate select the ‘original’ sheet. sheetRush will not change the item found on this sheet, but instead will recalculate all other instances of this item it finds on other sheets in the workbook.
      • An illustrative example follows: assume you have a worksheet ‘Sheet1’ with one slideRush item called ‘MyTestLink’. Now a user duplicates the worksheet while the sheetRush addin was deactivated. You will now end up with two worksheets (‘Sheet1’ and ‘Sheet2’, both of which contain the item ‘MyTestLink’. When reparing the duplicates you would ideally set ‘Sheet1’ in the dropdown list, so that the original ‘MyTestLink’ will stay unchanged. sheetRush will then recalculate the duplicate on ‘Sheet2’ (i.e. the copied one).
    • Option 2: this option is typically only viable if only one sheet was duplicated. For all other cases use Option 1.