Highlight Dialog

Use the highlight dialog to temporarily highlight linked items.

Best practice

Use quick highlighting whenever possible.
Highlight dialog

The following settings are available

  • Method of highlighting: slideRush offers two highlighting methods:
    • Quick highlighting: A colorful glow is used to highlight text items, ranges, and charts. This is the default and preferred way of highlighting. It is faster than “full highlighting” but if you previously set any glow formats to your items before using this functionality those formats will be overwritten. Since most users typically do not apply custom glow formats in professional reports this is rarely a restriction.
    • Full highlighting: Contrary to the quick highlighting functionality, no glow formats will be overwritten. Full highlighting is significantly slower than quick highlighting and should only be used when a user cannot use quick highlighting.
  • Scope of highlighting: You can choose to highlight items on the currently active slide or highlight items in the full presentation.
  • Items to be highlighted: Select the item types that you want to update
    • If you are using the full highlighting option, you can decide how you want to highlight text items. You may choose to temporarily add colored underlines and/or color the actual text.
  • Color settings:
    • By default, items are highlighted in lime green. You can choose any other color you like, or you can choose a color for a specific linked Excel workbook. This is especially useful if you e.g., want to highlight all data coming from the customer in one color and all data coming from your own analysis in another color.
      • To use an Excel workbook specific color, check the Override box and choose a custom color.
  • Clicking the Remove all button will remove highlights for all linked items on the active slide or presentation.