Excel to PowerPoint Link

Taking Excel to PowerPoint linking to a new level.

All existing linking solutions are barely usable in real-world projects. Links can unintentionally be broken, updates fail silently without any reporting to the user and online collaboration is not possible. Even basic workflows such as duplicating Excel worksheets are not supported.

The following video explains how smartRush links Excel to PowerPoint:

Linking Excel data to PowerPoint is easy and does not affect your established processes:

  1. Select the Excel data you want to link to PowerPoint. This can be a single cell, a range or a chart.
  2. Go to your presentation and press the Right ALT button + v to insert the data.
  3. smartRush will automatically link the item to the presentation. That’s it.

Appearance of linked smartRush items:

Linked smartRush items appear as if they had been typed manually and all formatting that can be applied to regular text can also be applied to smartRush items:

Comparison of plain text and linked smartRush item

Linked items can easily be identified with the highlight functionality:

Highlighting smartRush items

Highlighting can also be used to quickly identify any outdated data sources (marked in red). This may happen if Excel files were updated during the project but not updated in the report:

Identifying outdated numbers with smartRush

Identifying outdated numbers based on old Excel files can take hours if done manually. With smartRush this only takes seconds.

Selecting a smartRush item shows a popup menu with common options:

Popup menu for smartRush items

These options include common formatting options for numbers, texts and dates. Formatting in PowerPoint can be changed without affecting the underlying formatting in Excel. This is especially useful if you are writing a report in a different language with different thousands and decimal separators.

If numbers change in the underlying data in Excel the usual consulting workflow is to update all numbers in PowerPoint manually. When using smartRush updating all numbers is just one click and only takes seconds. The linked item will be updated immediately while keeping all previously set formats. The change will immediately be tracked in the item’s data history:

Updated smartRush item showing the new value in the text box as well as the history in the smartRush taskpane

smartRush provides the only truly reliable technology to link Excel data to PowerPoint on the market. smartRush works with currently opened and closed Excel files as well as with Excel files stored on SharePoint Online, OneDrive or Teams. Usually Excel files evolve during a consulting project. With smartRush files can easily be replaced by newer versions without losing any previously made adjustments.

Presentations created with our software can be shared to users that do not own our software and remain fully editable.

In case you should ever decide to stop using smartRush, all your presentations will remain fully functional and changeable as if you had created them with standard PowerPoint.

Restrictions of other solutions

  • Links can easily be broken, e.g., while editing text or copying/moving items
  • Updates fail silently without any reporting to the user
  • No online collaboration
  • Typical workflows are not supported, e.g., duplicating Excel worksheets
  • Dicey workarounds – functionality is at risk with every MS Office update
  • Limited scope, i.e. works only with charts or texts
  • PowerPoint or Excel performance is significantly decreased, and user experience suffers
  • Proven consulting workflows must be changed significantly to use the linking functionality

None of these restrictions apply to smartRush

  • Truly unbreakable link between Excel and PowerPoint
  • Full documentation of updates
  • Full online collaboration with SharePoint Online (e.g., MS Teams)
  • Super easy handling, i.e., no need to change your workflows
  • Link numbers, charts and ranges
  • No lagging, no crashing