Link Library

Use the link library to get a quick overview of which linked items are available for insert.

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Best practice

You can also insert items from this dialog to your presentation, but it is recommended to use one of the primary inserting ways, namely live insert, quick insert or inserting from the task pane.
Link Library

Usage instructions

  1. You can filter the available items by file and by item type. To do so click on the file dropdown in the upper left corner and the items dropdown on the right side of the dialog.
  2. You can search for a specific item by entering your keywords in the search bar.
  3. If some of the values in your Excel workbooks have changed you can use the Refresh button to update a single file or update all files (available in the dropdown menu of the button).
  4. To insert a new item to your presentation you have multiple options:
    • Double-click on an item in the list. To insert a linked text item, make sure that you have selected a textbox before trying to insert it.
    • Select an item and use the Insert button. Clicking the dropdown arrow on this button gives you multiple insert options, such as setting the language or setting the picture format. You can also choose from several predefined text formats.
    • Right click on an item in the list. This opens the same dropdown menu as clicking on the Insert button arrow.