Live Insert

The live insert dialog is one of the key dialogs in slideRush. You can use it to add new or existing items to your presentation directly from Excel.

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Best practice

The live insert dialog will automatically link the Excel® workbook to your presentation if it has not been linked before, making it very efficient and easy to use. It is highly recommended to always use proper item names.
Live Insert

Usage instructions

  1. It is recommended to use the default Right Alt + v (AltGr + v) hotkey for the live insert. Alternatively you can use the ribbon button.
  2. The live insert works with open Excel® workbooks. Note that only workbooks that have at least once been saved can be used.
  3. Workflow:
    • Select any cell, range or chart in any open Excel® file and hit the hotkey or the Live insert button in PowerPoint®
    • Based on your selection in Excel, slideRush will insert the correct item type to your presentation as follows:
      • Selecting a single cell will insert a text item
      • Selecting a cell range will insert a range item as picture
      • Selecting a chart will insert a chart as picture
    • Optional: If you are creating a new item to be inserted, you can enter a title. If you are inserting an already defined item, slideRush will show the title of the selected item.
    • Based on your selection you are given different insert options. For example, in case of single cells you can e.g., choose the type (i.e., number, date or text) for the item.
    • Pressing the OK button will insert the item.
    • If you created a new item, make sure to save the Excel® workbook to keep it.
    • If you linked a new Excel® workbook to PowerPoint® make sure to save both to keep the connection.