Manage Shortcuts

Use the manage shortcuts dialog to set custom shortcuts for commonly used actions or reset all shortcuts to default settings.

Best practice

Always doublecheck that you are not overwriting any Windows default hotkeys such as CTRL+C. The safest way of preventing overwriting any other shortcuts is to use the right Alt key. However some notebooks do not have a right Alt key.
Manage shortcuts

Usage instructions

  1. It is highly recommended to always set a modifier key (for example the right Alt key) and the actual hotkey (e.g., “B”). This is referred to as a key combination.
  2. Make sure that you do not accidentally overwrite any existing Windows shortcuts, e.g., ALT + E will overwrite the “€” symbol on a German keyboard layout.
  3. Every key combination must be unique, i.e., you cannot have the same key combination for multiple shortcuts.
  4. Use the disable all button to remove all shortcuts.
  5. Use the reset all to default button to reset all shortcuts to the slideRush default settings.
  6. Click on save to store your settings. slideRush will now use your shortcut settings and will load those settings whenever you open slideRush.