Navigation and Bookmarks

Use the navigation buttons to quickly cycle through slideRush items and bookmarks. You can also quickly jump to the last ten visited slides. Adding bookmarks to slides and shapes simplifies collaboration with your team members.

Best practice

Contrary to the built-in commenting functionality of Microsoft Office, slideRush can preserve your bookmarks and notes when moving objects between slides or presentations
Ribbon buttons


With slideRush you can add bookmarks and notes to any shape or slide for your future reference.

To add a bookmark select any shape or slide and click on add bookmark in the ribbon.

You can add a comment to a bookmark by clicking the bookmark.

Bookmark with comment

To remove a bookmark click on the shape or slide and press on remove bookmark. You can also select multiple shapes or slides to mass remove bookmarks.

To show all bookmarks on a slide toggle the “Show all bookmarks” button.


You can jump back and forth for the following categories:

  • Slides: slideRush keeps track of the last ten visited slides. This is especially useful when navigating large reports.
  • slideRush items: cycle through linked slideRush items.
  • slideRusk bookmarks: cycle through slideRush bookmarks.