Quick Insert

Use the quick insert to insert linked numbers and texts to your presentation. You cannot add ranges or charts with this dialog.

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Best practice

This dialog is primarily used with a shortcut (default Right Alt / Alt Gr + B) when writing paragraphs that contain linked text items. The quick insert functionality enables you to quickly insert linked numbers without interrupting your writing flow.
Quick Insert

Usage instructions

  1. Hit the hotkey or the Quick insert button at any time when writing text
  2. We recommend using the default Right Alt / Alt Gr + “B” hotkey for the live insert.
  3. Use your mouse or arrow keys to select an item.
  4. You can filter by file by selecting the respective file in the dropdown menu.
  5. You can search for a specific item by entering your keywords in the search bar.
  6. If some of the values in your Excel workbooks have changed you can use the Refresh button to update a single file or update all files.
  7. Add the selected item by pressing Enter or by clicking the green plus button. Note the dropdown menu next to the green plus button. Clicking the dropdown arrow on this button gives you multiple insert options, such as setting the language and various predefined text formats.