Replace colors

Use this dialog to replace one or more currently used colors for fonts, borders or cell backgrounds with new colors.

Best practice

Replacing colors can take a long time in large workbooks. Therefore it is recommended to limit the range for the replacement. Sometimes the Search and Replace function of Excel® may be the faster choice, however this function cannot replace all colors.
Replace colors

The following settings are available

  1. Replace current colors with new colors
    • Press the Add color button to insert a new line in the list
    • Use the color picker controls in the list to select the current color and the new color
    • Select which colors should be replaced
      • Fill: This option replaces all cell background colors
      • Fonts: This option replaces all font colors
      • Borders: This option replaces all border colors
    • Use the Remove and Remove All buttons to remove color pairs from the list
    • By clicking OK all color pairs will be processed
  2. Target of color replacement
    • Full workbook: This will replace the colors on all worksheets in the active workbook
    • Active worksheet: This will only replace colors on the active worksheet. Note: This option is only capable of handling a single worksheet
    • Selection: This option replaces the colors within the currently selected range
    • Selected sheets: This option replaces the colors on all worksheets checked in the list below