Resolve File ID

This dialog will resolve any file ID conflicts that might occur.

Best practice

You cannot link two files with the same file ID to the presentation. If you attempt to do so anyways, slideRush will help you resolve the file ID conflict with the resolve file id dialog.
Resolve File ID

What is the File ID

Every Excel® workbook used in slideRush has a unique file ID. For example, if you have reporting data for one month (e.g., August.xlsx) and create a copy of this workbook for the September data, both workbooks will have the same file ID.

Usage instructions

  1. Check the Excel® file(s) whose file ID(s) you want to change.
  2. After selecting the files, click on Resolve selection to change the file ID in the selected files.
  3. The status of the files will change from “Unsolved” to “OK” after the file ID was successfully changed.
  4. Clicking on Close will add the resolved files to the presentation.