Send Slides or Presentation

Use this dialog to send or save the selected slides or the full presentation.

Best practice

You can either save the file(s) to disk or directly send them as a new email attachment in Microsoft Outlook®.
Send Slides or Presentation

The following settings are available

  1. Scope
    • Presentation: The full presentation will be saved / sent
    • Selected slides: Only the currently selected slides will be saved / sent.
  2. File type
    • PDF: Selecting this option will generate a new PDF file from your presentation (default option). Note: When sending presentations to third parties it is usually recommended to use PDF files. Generating a PDF file does not affect your presentation.
    • Current format: Selecting this option will keep the current PowerPoint® format (eg. *.pptx)
    • Both: Selecting this option will combine both options above
  3. File name: This is optional. You can enter a filename for the newly generated file eg. if you want to rename the file when sending it to a third party. The filename entered here does not affect your presentation.
  4. Unlink slideRush items: This is optional. Selecting this option will remove slideRush item links from the new files including all highlights. Note that in case of PDF files, slideRush item links will always be unlinked. This option does not affect your presentation.