Send workbook or copy Worksheets to new Workbook

Use this dialog to send or save selected worksheets or the full workbook.

Best practice

You can either generate a new workbook containing all or selected worksheets from the active workbook or send them as a new email attachment in Microsoft Outlook.

The Send workbook feature can be found in the smartRush ribbon in Excel in the Workbook group:

Send workbook

If the button is pressed the following dialog will open:

Send worksheets or workbook

The following settings are available

  1. Replace formulas with hardcoded values
    • Send sheets as they are: This selection does not replace any formulas with hardcoded values
    • Replace cells containing external links with hardcoded values: This selection will replace all cells that contain external links with hardcoded values. This also includes newly generated external links which may result from exporting only selected worksheets. For example if a workbook contains the five worksheets A, B, C, D and E and only sheets A, B and C are exported all links to the not exported sheets D and E will be treated as external links. This functionality is dependent on the ability of Excel® to break the links.
    • Replace all formulas with value: This will replace all formulas with hardcoded values
  2. Scope
    • Full workbook: This selection will include all worksheets in the active workbook
    • Active worksheet: This selection will only export the currently active worksheet. Note that this option does only support a single worksheet. If more than one, but not all worksheets should be exported option 3 has to be selected
    • Selected sheets: This option will only include the worksheets that are checked in the list below the option
  3. Options
    • Recalculate workbook before hardcoded values are inserted: This option will force a recalculation of the workbook before any formulas are replaced with hardcoded values. Note: This may lead to changed values if automatic calculation is not activated in the workbook.
    • Attach to new email: This option will attach the exported worksheets to a new e-mail message in Outlook®