Slide Status

Set the status of a slide to red, yellow, or green to indicate if a slide is finished or still in progress.

Best practice

This feature is especially useful for project managers to quickly see the overall status of the presentation.
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Usage instructions

  1. When setting a slide status, a colored bar will appear at the right edge of the slide. Note that this bar it outside of the print area, i.e. it will not be visible when printing nor when generating a PDF file.
  2. You can select a single slide or multiple slides at once and set (or remove) a slide status.
  3. Yellow and Red slide statuses will both have an automatic bookmark attached. Use this bookmark to briefly describe the slide status.
    • Click on the slide status shape to show the bookmark.
    • Click on the bookmark to enter your text.
    • See “bookmark functionality” for more information.
  4. The slide status summary shows the status of each slide (red, yellow, green) as well as any titles. The comment column displays any text written to the status bookmarks.