Unlink Dialog

Use the unlink dialog to permanently remove slideRush item links. During the unlink, linked text will be replaced with regular text.

Best practice

If slideRush items are unlinked before sending the presentation to a third party it is highly recommended to store a linked copy in case of any future changes. However it is not necessary to unlink the presentation before sending it to an external recipient. If the presentation is sent in PDF format slideRush items will just appear as they have been built with standard PowerPoint®. If the file is sent in PowerPoint® format a recipient without slideRush will still be able to fully edit the presentation. Linked ranges and charts will appear as normal pictures, linked texts will appear as normal text. Without slideRush linked text items can only be changed in total.
Unlink Dialog

The following settings are available

  1. Scope of unlinking
    • Active slide: Only unlink the items on the currently active slide
    • All slides in active presentation: Unlink items on all slides of the active presentation
  2. Unlink preferences:
    • Remove highlighting: If selected any highlights (i.e., full- and quick highlights) currently set on the item to unlinked will be removed.
    • Show unlink summary: If selected a summary is shown after the unlink operation has finished. It is highly recommended to always show the unlink summary to be aware of any failed items.
  3. Items to be unlinked:
    • Linked text: Unlinking text items will replace the slideRush item with simple text, like it had been typed in PowerPoint®
    • Linked ranges: Unlinking ranges will result in pictures like if they had been added using PowerPoint®
    • Linked charts: Unlinking charts will result in pictures like if they had been added using PowerPoint®