Update Dialog

Use the update dialog to update linked items in your presentation.

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Best practice

It is highly recommended to always show the update summary to be aware of any items that may not have been updated properly.
Update Dialog
  1. Scope of update
    • Active slide: Only update the items on the currently active slide
    • All slides in active presentation: Update all items on all slides of the active presentation
  2. Items to be updated
    • Linked text: If selected linked text items are updated. Linked text items refer to single cells in Excel®
    • Linked ranges: If selected linked ranges are updated. Linked ranges are inserted as pictures in PowerPoint® and refer to a range/multiple cells in Excel®
    • Linked charts: If selected linked charts are updated. Linked charts refer to charts in Excel®. Note that currently only charts on worksheets can be updated.
  3. Update preferences
    • Open closed Excel® files: slideRush will try to automatically open the Excel files needed to update your linked items. To do this slideRush will first check for any matching open workbooks and if no match is found, the workbook will automatically be opened in the background. Please note that depending on file size, opening closed files can take some time.
    • Recalculate Excel® files: If checked the Excel workbooks will be recalculated before slideRush pulls the linked values from them. Depending on file size and calculation complexity this can take some time.
    • Show update summary: After the update has finished a summary dialog will be shown to summarize all changed values and inform you about any failed items. It is highly recommended to alyway show the update summary.
    • Overwrite date formats and number separators: Assume that you linked numbers from Excel using German as the location setting. This means that by default these items use German number separators. You can easily change these formats to e.g., English settings by using this functionality.
      • Note that this can also be used to update number settings in charts and ranges. To use this functionality any open Excel workbooks must be closed.
      • Any future text items added to the presentation will respect the location setting set here.