Update Summary

Use the update summary dialog to analyze and save the update results for documentation purposes.

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Best practice

Use the Show toggle when working on small screens to hide the detailed result list.
Update Summary

After an update has finished slideRush will prepare an update summary for you. Here you can see if items could not be updated and the reason for it (e.g., file is missing).

Usage instructions

  1. You can double-click on any failed item to select it in the active PowerPoint® window.
  2. Use the Show toggle to show or hide the failed item summary. This is especially useful when working on small screens.
  3. You can temporarily highlight all successful and/or all failed items by clicking on the respective button in the bottom right corner. Use the clear highlights button to remove all temporarily set highlights.
  4. Click on the Save summary button to generate an Excel file that contains all relevant update information such as old values, updated values, and general information about the update.

Reasons for failed updates can include

  • The referenced file could not be found in the stored file path. In this case please make sure the file is still available. If the file name or the file path has changed you can use the Change file functionality to update the settings.
  • The referenced item could not be found in the file. In this case the file itself could be found, but the linked item was not found within the Excel® file. This error may for example occur if a worksheet was deleted or if the range containing the source for the linked item was removed